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Online Shops that Sell EC Gear.

Jett in OneWet Pants, 9 monthsThere are now many types of  EC clothing available to add to your convenience - designed and made by parents who have practiced EC, so they know what you need for easier potty breaks and puddle prevention! Special potties too.

Go EC Shopping!

Below is a directory of online shops that design and make, or offer specialist clothing and EC gear to visitors. Have a browse and get inspired!  

Find effective and funky EC pants (Training pants), EC Mats, Split Crotch Pants, Baby Potties, Baby Leggings, Specialist EC Nappies / Diapers and Modern Cloth options by browsing at these stores - and lots of other cool things as well.

NB: Shops are based in many different countries, a few different languages too. I'll continue to expand this directory as new shops come online - you can see EC is quite world-wide! This directory is alphabetical. I've put where most are based so you can choose a more local supplier for reduced costs and carbon impact.

Bongo Baby - Shi Shi Nix, Eco Nix and one of a kind clothing.
Visit Bongo Baby
Based in Australia

continuum-family - Natural Parenting Essentials - based in Canada.
Continuum Family
Based in Canada

 For 10% off your first order, put in the discount code CP0162 (That's a zero) when you place your order at The Continuum Family:  Simply enter the code once when you create your customer account and again at checkout to claim your 10% discount.

Visit the DiaperFreeBaby Shop Based in the USA

Ditto Daddy - EC Boxers Just like Daddy's
Visit Ditto Daddy
Based in the USA

EC Wear - convenient clothes for infant Potty Training
Visit E
C Wear
Based in the USA

EcaWare Baby - Home of EcaPants - Drop-Flap EC Training Pants
Visit EcaWare Baby
Based in the USA

Ecopitchoun - France
Visit Based in France

Click on 'Hygiene naturelle' in the menu. Check out the drop-flap soakers 'culottes' and training 'sarouels'. Fabulous!


Jungle Mama - Check out Wee Elves Potty Pants
Visit Jungle Mamma
Based in New Zealand

 MamaRoo - Check out MamaRoo EC Pants


Visit Mamaroo

Based in the USA


Visit Mummysmilk Based in Singapore

Mokoshop - The EC Store for Europe - Check out the Potties.Visit Mokoshop 

The EC Shop of Europe

Natural Mother - EC and Attachment Parenting in the UK
Visit Natural Mother - Based in the UK

Noonee Wilga - Home of OneWet Pants - I love them!
Visit Noonee Wilga
Based in Australia

PioupiouKids New Zealand
Visit Piou Piou Kids Based in New Zealand

Simple Simon - Training Pants and EC Mats
Visit S
imple Simon Baby 

Tadpoles and Butterflies (Canada)
Visit Tadpoles and Butterflies Based in Canada
The Original EC Store!

Visit The EC Store Based in the USA

The Potty Shop - based in Australia.
Visit T
he Potty Shop Based in Australia

Wonder Baby Designs - Home of the popular Poquito Pants - including the pattern to make your own!
Visit Wonder Baby Designs



Visit and Browse My Specific Directories of Products
Useful for Families Practicing EC. 


EC Pants

Visit the EC Pants Directory
to help you consider what YOU want in an EC Pant, and have a visual comparison of the many varieties now available.

An EC Mat for Nakey Time

Visit the EC Mats Directory

to help you consider what YOU want in an EC Mat, and have a visual comparison of the many options now available.


Visit the Potty Directory

(online soon)

to help you with a visual comparison of the many types of potties now available, with links to the range of stores offering them for sale.

My Wee Friend Potty Training Sticker

Visit the Directory
for FUN at Potty Time!

to help you browse some of the cute and ingenious inventions for fun at toiletting time - to have fun on the potty or help your toddler boy AIM well!

Do you know about other online stores offering EC gear for sale not mentioned here yet?

Please let me know and I'll add them to this Directory. No cost involved in listing. Contact me. I'll create a link like the ones above.

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Keep your eye out for EC clothing options like these:


EC Pants

EC Underware or EC Pants are the best Training Pants Available.

There are specialist types of diapers / nappies available to ECing parents. These EC Pants are known generally as 'Training Pants' or just 'Trainers'.

More variety = more flexibility

They have little bulk, and are simply great to use - once I started using them when Maven was around four months old, I used nappies far less often from that point on. I'm using them even earlier with baby Jett - as I already have them I guess!


Waterproof EC Mats

A waterproof EC Mat protects baby from the ground or the carpet from wees!

Browse Specifically for Waterproof Mats Here

EC mats protect the environment of your baby from wees. They can be used during nappy-free time, for diaper changes, when outside enjoying fine weather, and for nap & night time EC needs.

Air that bottom daily - it's good for the cheeks, and good for the Earth!


You Can Make This!

EC-Access Clothing

Baby Leggings are great for EC.

Split crotch pants, open crotch pants, and baby leggings.

There will be a specific directory for EC Clothing soon.

These examples of easy-access clothing are useful to consider at different stages of practicing EC, or in different seasons - keeping baby warm while allowing EC to continue as easily as possible. 

The 'split-crotch' varieties of clothing make it easy for the transition to independent toileting as well as discretion when fast access to potty breaks is preferred. Although also known as 'open crotch', this description may describe a variety where there is no fabric in the groin area - perhaps for babies to wear under diapers/ nappies or split crotch pants, for ease of potty breaks and changes while baby's legs are kept warm.

Baby leggings are quite well known and can be found everywhere, they are great for leg warmth and being able to change a wet leg independently! I found them fabulous to use over Jett's cast when being treated for Talipes (he was born with a clubfoot) by the Ponseti method - a new cast every week, the baby leggings kept it clean and dry and more importantly, looked funky and cool.

Babywearers: Check Out Baby Spats!


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