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You'd Like to Sew Your Own EC Trainers or Potty Training Pants?


Whether it's because you need to save money as your budget is limited, or you want to try a few out to see how you and your baby handle using training pants, or perhaps sewing is your creative outlet (or excuse for one) and you've got some fabrics handy!


I made a bunch of OneWet Pants from Marnie's pattern that are just great. I now look with narrowed eyes at some contour nappies that are too small to use with a snappi (I'd been using them inside a cover as a soaker at nights), considering converting them into trainers! Ah the creativity afforded by necessity! I really like the idea of making some boxer trainers for when Jett is bigger too.


I've researched to find a bunch of patterns available online that you can purchase to follow, with patterns, instructions and often photo tutorials as well.


Browse these Training Pants Patterns to Make Your Own to Save Money, or Have Fun Sewing with Your Own Fabrics Choices:


You can purchase popular patterns to make your own EC pants or Training Pants from these places:


Marnie's EC'ing OneWet Pants


Boxer Style Training Pants


Stellar Transitions Training Pants Pattern


Sprightly Underwear Pattern


Babybayrs Customised Training Pants


Threads of Fancy Training Pants




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